Domestic Whites

    • Domestic Whites

    • Carmenet


      Chardonnay(Oaked) ~ 2013

    • Snoqualmie


      "Naked"  ~ Un-Oaked Chardonnay ~ 2008

      This Organic Chardonnay offers fresh pure aromas of chardonnay fruit characters with nuances of citrus and pear followed by natural juicy fruit flavors on the palate and a balanced clean finish.

    • Snoqualmie


      Riesling ~ 2009

      Clean with medium intense grapefruit, peach and pear. Light-medium sweet style with medium mouth-watering acidity. The fruit characteristics are similar to the nose, although there seems to be some hint of a tropical fruit such as pineapple. An enjoyable, lingering aftertaste of delightful sweetness and marmalade.

    • Maggio


      Lodi ~ Chardonnay ~ 2012

    • Laguna


      Russian River Valley ~ Chardonnay(Full Oak) ~ 2012