Family Restaurant Westminster


“Meals Bring Families Together”

This thought became a driving force as Asti d’Italia began to take shape. Dinners should and could be the sharing of food, drink and stories between loved ones, old friends, new friends and friends not yet made. With that in mind, Asti d’Italia grew into more than before. Asti d’Italia opened the doors in February of 2009 with a full dinner menu, wine and cocktail list and a full and fun Children’s Menu. While Asti maintains its status as the only table cloth in a several mile radius, this destination spot is also well known as a child friendly Italian restaurant with families looking for a proper dining experience. Asti d’Italia is the place for parent-child date night, family reunions and nightly dinners that are one step above the rest.


The Kid’s Menu features items like: Pasta in butter, Alfredo, or Mariana sauce, Asti’s House-made Meatballs, the Best Shells and Cheese Ever!!!, a Grilled Chicken Breast with Veggies or Fries, and of course Chicken Fingers with Fries. It doesn’t stop with the food – at Asti d’Italia they have taken pride in their position as an upscale family restaurant and used all of their culinary and flavor profiling skills in creating signature drinks named after classic wine growing regions for those that are not yet ready to drink the wine. (The Tuscany is a concoction of sweetened citrus juices, vanilla, and Ginger Ale, mmmmmm!)


In 2011, the Stanford’s welcomed their first little one, and the new/future owner of Asti d’Italia into the neighborhood and the world. Charlie can still remember the Stanford Family dinners on the Canadian farm with Mum and Dad sharing the better part of a bottle of red wine and the two young boys sharing the watered down remainder. The new Stanford family dinner takes place at Asti once in awhile and if you’re very lucky maybe Lili will help her dad show you to your table the next time you visit. ‘Buon appetito’